Will your Sprinkler System work properly when you need it?

The sprinkler heads are up and the fire extinguishers are on the wall. The various elements of fire protection are in place, so certainly you feel good about how you are protecting both your business, assets and employees, right?

Just having the system in place is not enough. It’s like an old phone booth that has been left on the street corner. While it might look like a reliable device for effective communication, it is as useless as a rock since it is no longer connected to phone lines to make a phone call.

Having a reliable fire protection system along with dependable equipment and exit lighting is a great first step. It is very important to work with a reputable company like County Fire Protection who can design, install, and service whatever unique circumstance(s) your facility presents. But, there is more to think about. Check out this short list of considerations and ensure you are protecting your business from an unexpected fire emergency.

  • Maintain your existing system: Your primary concern must be keeping up with the regular maintenance of your system. That means having it regularly tested and inspected at the proper frequency. Testing ensures that all elements are in working order and that your equipment will respond adequately in an emergency situation. Being properly prepared gets you ready for the fire marshal and gives you a piece of mind that if a fire ever happens, your system will behave exactly the way you anticipate. Following this tip means that damage to your facility is kept to a minimum and your company’s downtime after a fire is as short as possible.
  • Match your system to your facility’s needs: In some instances, business owners will attempt to get by with systems that aren’t suitable for reliable fire protection. Having a few smoke detectors isn’t enough to protect your business and employees. So carefully consider your fire safety systems!
  • Choose a well-established fire safety partner: If you are not working with experts, you are not getting all you should from your fire protection equipment! Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners with sub-par equipment and unreliable fire protection services. 

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