NFPA Municipal Fire Department Ground Ladder Testing

Our ladder testing equipment and procedures are certified to meet the current NFPA-1932 requirements for ANNUAL ladder testing

NFPA 1932 Ladder Testing NE Ohio Kent Columbus Toledo Cleveland

This testing includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Hardness tester
  • Horizontal bending test equipment per NFPA-1932,5-2
  • Verification of heat sensor expiration dates
  • Documentation provided with each test
  • Ladder hardware test


NFPA-1932 provides the following frequency of ground ladder testing:

NFPA 1932 Ladder Testing NE Ohio Kent Columbus Toledo Cleveland

a. at least annually
b. anytime ladder is suspected of being unsafe
c. after ladder is subjected to overloading or impact loading
d. after heat exposure
e. after any deficiencies have been repaired unless the repair was the replacement of the lanyard

Annual inspections and test programs uncover many defects before they become major problems resulting in better safety and lower maintenance costs.

Documentation is provided with every ladder test!


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