Is Your Home Protected From Fire?

Is Your Home Protected from Fire | County-Fire

Many people think about the safety and security of their family, but overlook the dangers posed by fire. In summer, your family may gather around a campfire in your backyard and in the winter, your fireplace provides warmth to your home as a retreat from the blistery Ohio weather, but house fires are a different matter. Preparing your family for the dangers of fire saves lives. Last year alone, Ohio saw 112 home fire fatalities. Only a quarter of the way into this year, 43 have been reported.

You may have an idea of what your fire safety and evacuation plan looks like but, can your family safely escape in the heat of an emergency?

Don’t waste another minute and risk the lives of your loved ones — take the following steps:

Create a Home Escape Plan

Consider the quickest and safest ways to exit each area of your house. Ask your kids to imagine a fire in varying locations and plan routes to safety.

Important Tips:

  • Route at least two ways of escape.
  • Choose routes using doors first.
  • Include a window route in case doors are blocked.
  • Designate a meeting place a safe distance from the house.

Install the Necessary Fire and Life Safety Equipment

Ensure your home is stocked with the tools necessary to prepare your family for house fire emergencies and carry out your escape plan.

Important Equipment:

  • ABC fire extinguisher
  • Second story life ladder
  • Smoke detectors in every bedroom and on every floor
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detector

Teach Fire Safety Tips

Build these safety tips into your escape plan. Your entire family should not only know them but commit to doing them, even in practice.

Important Tips:

Check the door:

  • If smoke is coming in under the door OR if the door or doorknob is hot or very warm, DO NOT open it.
  • If not, open the door carefully.
  • If a burst of heat or smoke enters the room, close the door immediately.
  • If not, follow the escape route … close doors behind you and stay low to the ground, crawling on your hands and knees.

If you cannot get out:

  • Call 9-1-1 or yell out an open window.
  • Block the cracks around doors with sheets and clothing.
  • If you catch on fire, stop, drop and roll.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

  • In a panic, our minds tend to shut down. Practicing fire escape plans, including fire safety tips, prepares your family to react safely during a house fire.

Important Tips:

  • Practice your escape plan twice per year during the day and at night.
  • Practice more than one escape route.
  • Teach your children to escape themselves in case help is unavailable.
  • Keep practicing until you complete your escape plan in under three minutes.
  • Try following your escape plan blindfolded — smoke and fire make it difficult to see.

Once you complete your plan, print it out and post it in every room of your home.

For more information on fire and life safety, contact County Fire Protection.

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