Fire and Life Safety in the Workplace: What You Need To Know

Fire and Life Safety in The Workplace: What You Need to Know

No matter your business or industry, as a business owner you have a responsibility to keep the workplace environment safe for your employees.

It’s as great a time as any to begin to review your company’s safety plan! There are many fire safety guidelines your business may already be adhering to that have been suggested by OSHA NFPA or your local municipal fire codes, but remember, compliance is key. When it comes to fire safety encourage your staff to adhere to guidelines and be diligent in updating any procedural guidelines that may change.

Prevent against workplace fires with these simple tips:

  • Place fire extinguishers in strategic locations, easily accessible to employees and in accordance to code requirements.

  • Be sure smoke detectors are professionally installed and maintenance quarterly.

  • Avoid overloading power outlets or power strips with electrical devices. Doing so can overload circuits and cause electrical fires.

  • Always unplug non-essential electronics at the end of every workday. This will decrease the likelihood of overloading a circuit while no one is in the office.

  • Keep work areas clear of necessary debris and clutter that can easily catch and spread a fire.

  • Know the approved exits for an emergency situation and be sure they are properly marked.

If a workplace fire occurs:

  • If a fire is in its beginning state, opt to use the nearest fire extinguisher. If the fire has begun to spread beyond control, get out immediately. Pull a fire alarm to notify others and call 911.

  • Follow all pre-established evacuation plans as instructed and practiced.

  • Never use an elevator, ALWAYS use the stairs.

  • Close ALL room doors as they are evacuated to help keep the fire contained for as long as possible.

  • Follow all emergency lighting and exit signs. Do not detour from your plans or lighted emergency exit plans.

Get and stay prepared by:

  • Ensure the proper quantity and size of portable fire extinguishers for your sized workplace

  • Install a fire detection system for larger buildings. Be sure to, at the very minimum, have smoke alarms in every unit or room.

  • Consider a building fire sprinkler system or suppression system.

  • Plan for and schedule required  OSHA monthly and annual maintenance of all emergency lighting and exit signs along evacuation routes to increase safety and speed.

  • Preform required monthly and annual fire extinguisher inspections. This ensures that any potential defects or deficiencies are inspected and corrected.

  • For restaurant owners: Be certain to keep your fire suppression systems in proper working order. Have and keep your kitchen hoods cleaned on a regular basis. Arrange for semi-annual inspections to stay in compliance with your local fire codes.

Fire safety is essential in any industry, and everyone within your company needs to be prepared for a fire emergency. Having a solid safety plan in place helps to protect your workers and your business. Stay up to code, stay compliant with OSHA, and be sure to call us at 1-888-528-0928 to speak with one of our many fire protection experts. Thank you for allowing us to be your partner for Fire and Life safety. 

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