Find the Right Sprinkler System

Finding the right sprinkler system is obviously an important task, but there is a lot to consider. From the location of the system to the type of business here is what you need to know to find the best sprinkler system.

Find the Right Fire Sprinkler System for You | County Fire ProtectionSo, what type of sprinkler system is best for your facility? Keep reading to learn more about each type of sprinkler system:

Wet Pipe Systems

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most commonly installed system. When a sprinkler is exposed to a temperature above the heat setting, a glass bulb or fusible link gives way and releases water. Only sprinklers that are exposed to high heat will release water. Since there is always water in the system, a wet pipe system needs to be installed in buildings where the temperature does not dip below freezing.

Dry Pipe Systems

A dry pipe system is ideal for outdoor applications, buildings that are not heated or freezers. When an individual sprinkler is exposed to a high temperature it opens up and the air in the pipes is vented. Water then enters the piping system and is released through the activated sprinklers. Water is only in the pipes when at least one of the sprinklers is engaged. Dry pipe systems operate on a delay because it is necessary for the air to vent from the pipes before the water will flow. 

Deluge Systems

In buildings where fire can spread quickly, a deluge system is the best fit. Deluge systems are sometimes installed over hallways and areas that lead to an exit in order to increase safety during an evacuation.

This system is similar to a dry pipe system, except all of the sprinklers are open and operate in unison. When a deluge system is triggered via a fire alarm system or a manual alarm pull station water floods the pipes and all of the sprinklers will release water.

Pre-Action Systems

A pre-action system combines elements of wet, dry and deluge sprinkler systems. Data centers and museums typically use pre-action systems because there is no risk of this system being accidentally engaged.

Single Interlock Pre-Action Systems

A single interlock system essentially converts a dry system to a wet system using a valve similar to what would be used in a deluge system. This setup provides the peace of mind of a dry system without the delay.

Double Interlock Pre-Action Systems

A double interlock system is a dry system that can only be engaged when a heat or smoke detector is activated, similar to a deluge system. This system also utilizes automatic sprinklers which in turn must be activated by exposure to a high temperature to work. A double interlock system has a response time in line with a dry system.

Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems

Foam water sprinkler systems can operate as a wet, dry, deluge or pre-action system. What sets a foam water system apart is that it releases a foam and water compound that is better suited to extinguish flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals and compounds.

Finding the Right Fit For Your Facility

The sprinkler system you choose all depends on your commercial building. Most of the sprinkler systems operate similarly, but results are achieved differently. Understanding how each system works enables you to find the right sprinkler system for your business.

If you need assistance choosing a sprinkler system for your or have questions about the required inspection requirements of an existing sprinkler system, contact the experts at County Fire Protection today by visiting our contact us page or giving us a call.

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