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How Safe is Your Workplace?

By County Fire Protection
May 31, 2018 Category • , Workplace Safety

Workplace safety: Its everyones responsibility. Have you ever wondered about the safety of your workplace? Chances are that you do not think about it, but instead just assume that your employer has taken the necessary precautions. But, it is truly something you should take seriously. If your place of employment were to have a fire, it is crucial that you know what to do to save yourself and your coworkers. Here is some important information about recognizing fire hazards, preventing fires and maintaining a safe workplace. Possible Hazards Every workplace and every industry has the potential for different hazards. But, regardless of what type of workplace you are in, there are some risks that could result in a dangerous situation. Here are some possible hazards you should look for the next time you head into your workplace: Combustible materials stored out in the open. Poorly maintained or overloaded electrical circuits. Poor housekeeping. Carelessly left objects causing potential

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