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Is Your Home Protected From Fire? (Most Importantly, Are You and Your Family Prepared?)

By County Fire Protection
May 03, 2018 Category • General

Many people think about the safety and security of their family, but overlook the dangers posed by fire. In summer, your family may gather around a campfire in your backyard and in the winter, your fireplace provides warmth to your home as a retreat from the blistery Ohio weather, but house fires are a different matter. Preparing your family for the dangers of fire saves lives. Last year alone, Ohio saw 112 home fire fatalities. Only a quarter of the way into this year, 43 have been reported. You may have an idea of what your fire safety and evacuation plan looks like but, can your family safely escape in the heat of an emergency? Dont waste another minute and risk the lives of your loved ones take the following steps: Create a Home Escape Plan Consider the quickest and safest ways to exit each area of your house. Ask your kids to imagine a fire in varying locations and plan routes to safety. Important Tips: Route at least two ways of escape. Choose routes using doors first. Include

Fire Safety Training with No Hassle

By Jennifer Shepherd
December 21, 2016 Category • General

The last time you probably participated in Fire Training was during your school years, when teachers would review, step by step, what to do and where to go in case of a fire. The school would also hold at least 1, if not 2, unannouced practice fire drill during the school year. After you leave school you typically no longer receive any type of formal fire safety training, unless youwork for an organization that requires an annual fire safety review by itself or as part of a workplace emergency and evacuation plan or fire safety protocols are imperative to your profession or job. Regardless of the industry you are in, fire safety training should be a vital part of your company. Regular fire safety training will help keep your employees, patrons, and assests safe. There are several basic components that EVERY employee should be familier with, including the following: Fire Alarm Loactions Fire Exits Sprinkler Systems Fire Extinguisher types, locations, and how to properly

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