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Fire Sprinkler Freeze Failures

By Jennifer Shepherd
December 15, 2016 Category • Fire Sprinkler System Freeze

A Sprinkler Freeze Failure Scenario Sprinkler systems can malfunction when temperatures drop. When any portion of a sprinkler system is exposed to freezing temperatures, water in the piping can turn to ice, expand in volume, and produce thousands of pounds of pressure. The pressure can force sprinklers to operate and break fittings. As a result, water leaks or is discharged from the system when the ice thaws. Normally sprinkler system failures, due to freezing, arent discovered until after the water starts to cause damage because it is discharging. After a water discharge from a sprinkler system, building owners face property damage, business interruption, and irate tenants and customers. Most fire sprinkler contractors have the ability to eliminate the chances of a freeze failure with proper installation, but to make sure it never happens, building owners also need to be involved. Wet System Freeze Failures Most sprinkler systems are wet pipe systems, meaning that the piping is

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