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In Between Inspections? Best Tips to Keep Your Sprinkler Safe

By Jennifer Shepherd
November 21, 2016 Category • Sprinkler, Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems are an essential part of keeping your employees and property safe. Sticking to your inspection cycle is keyinassuring you sprinkler is functioning properly. However, in between those inspections our technicians are not there to safeguard your system from some common mistakes. PREVENT FREEZING With winter creeping up on us this is a major concern and can cost your business a hefty amount of money. Even though it is economical to turn the heat down in your facility when employees are not present it could cause a colossal problem. The water in those pipes start to freeze. Initially this will cause obstruction, hindering the flow of water, but this can quickly lead to eruption of those pipes. You can easily avoid this by making sure the air temperature around those pipes is above freezing. Pipes in attics and stairwells are more susceptible to this, just make sure that the auxiliary heaters are turned back on in these locations and

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