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Month: October 2017

NFPA Changes Boost Health Care Facility Safety

By County Fire Protection
October 25, 2017 Category • Health Care Facility Safety, Fire Extinguishers

Changes in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 99 codes for 2018 significantly impact healthcare facilities. NFPA believes the changes are in line with its mission to eliminate death, injury and other losses due to fire hazards. Keeping patients, staff, and visitors in mind, the NFPA Health Care Facilities Code gets specific. In earlier NFPA 99 regulations, health care facilities required fire extinguishers to be installed. The new requirements ask the same with the additional request that extinguishers be appropriate for a rooms potential hazards. What does this mean? Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher In short, different areas of healthcare facilities call for different fire extinguishers. For instance, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rooms require materials which cannot be magnetized. NFPA 99 concludes that nonferrous-type extinguishers work best in these situations. Outfitting operating rooms with flame-suffocates must consider the oxygen and other flammable materials

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