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Month: May 2017

Better Understanding Extinguishers

By Admin
May 10, 2017 Category • Extinguishers, Education, How To

We see fire extinguishers every day, but how well do we understand them? Would the average Joe even know that fire extinguishers have a class? More than likely, very few people would know what class fire extinguisher that they have. In the case of a fire related emergency knowing where your extinguisher is and how to operate it can be a home, business or life saver. A fire can spread a lot in the time it takes for firefighters to arrive. Owning and operating a fire extinguisher is an essential skill that everyone should have. In this video, well analyze the Ansul Multi Purpose ABC Rated fire extinguisher. With its Class rating of ABC it is designed to handle any general fire that you are likely to encounter. So, what does each class mean? Class ABC extinguishers can handle the following types of fire. Class A extinguishers are made to handle ordinary materials such as plastic, cardboard, wood and paper Class B fires involve combustible or flammable liquids such as Grease and oil fires

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