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How to use your fire extinguisher

By Keren
August 08, 2016 Category • Fire Extinguisher, Extinguisher Training

At County Fire Protection, we carry a variety of commercial portable fire extinguishers to meet all of your safety needs. The right fire extinguisher for the right fire. Fire extinguishers come in a wide variety of types, each one designed to put out a different kind of fire. A classification systems have been developed to help users know what sort of extinguisher theyre working with. Most fire extinguishers for homes and public spaces areclassifiedas Class ABC extinguishers, meaning theyre suitable for putting out wood and paper fires,flammableliquid fires,andelectrical fires. Do you know how to use your fire extinguishers If possible, position yourself with your back to an unobstructed exit so that you can get out quickly if you need to. The discharge range for extinguishers can run from 6-20 feet (know your extinguishers range beforehand), and you want to be far enough away to not be in danger of being burned, and close enough that the discharge will be effective. To

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