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The Hoverboard— part toy, part transportation! The self-balancing scooters have quickly become the latest and most popular trend among kids and teens, and let’s face it; adults too. With the back to school season right around the corner, kids and teens everywhere will be opting for this trendy mode of transportation to get to and from school. Below is a short list of tips for both parents and kids to make safe decisions when purchasing and using the board to reduce fire and bodily injury.

  • When making your purchase, choose one that has been certified and tested in a laboratory.

  • Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions while setting up your Hoverboard for use.

  • Parents, ALWAYS be responsible and charge your child’s Hoverboard.

  • Be sure to be attentive. Do not leave your Hoverboard unattended during charging.

  • NEVER leave your Hoverboard charging overnight.

  • Only use the charging cord that comes with your Hoverboard. Using third-party cords can increase your risk of fire and injury.

  • Immediately get off your Hoverboard if it begins to overheat.

Remember, most Hoverboards require a Lithium Ion battery, which are highly reactive. Be cautious! If you or your child observe any of these potential fire risks, get off your Hoverboard immediately!

  • Leaking fluids

  • Excessive heat

  • Odor

  • Sparking

  • Smoke

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